What is BPC-157?

Gastric Pentadecapeptide, BPC 157, is made up of 15 amino acids and is a partial sequence of the body protection compound (BPC) that is found in and extracted from human gastric juice. Studies have shown that BPC 157 accelerates wound healing, works as anti-inflammatory, and promotes the outgrowth of tendons, cell survival and cell mitigation. 

 BPC-157 Benefits

What are peptides?

Peptides are small chains of amino acids that have specific functions in our bodies. They have a major role in maintaining the body's health and well-being by regulating metabolism, growth hormone production, immune function, reproduction, and other bodily processes. The most important function of these molecules is their ability to stimulate cell division or repair damaged tissues. Peptides have the capability to rewrite body chemistry relationships to promote restoration, anabolism, and homeostasis.

What are BPC 157 peptides commonly used for?

The BPC-157 is a powerful anti-inflammatory that helps repair damaged joints and tissue, from muscles, tendons, and the nervous system, to recover faster from injuries. As it is derived from a protein in the stomach, it's typically used to help treat conditions in the stomach and intestines. Some of these conditions include:

  • Intestinal damage (Fistulas)
  • Ulcers
  • Organ damage 
  • Inflammatory conditions

BPC 157 has been shown in clinical studies to likely help reduce pain associated with arthritis, joint injury, or inflammation. It seems to work by accelerating the rate of angiogenesis, which is a key dynamic process for wound healing, as it allows for the formation of new blood vessels from old ones. 

BPC-157 250 mcg capsules

How is BPC 157 delivered?

BPC 157 has traditionally been administered by a doctor through an injection to help:

  • Muscle sprains Inflammation
  • Ligament damage
  • Pain

It can also be taken in the form of a capsule, which is more suitable to treat any gut, stomach or intestinal problems.

Are there health risks associated with using BPC-157?

Gastric Pentadecapeptide BPC 157 is anti-ulcer peptidergic agent, which has been proven in clinical trials to be both safe in inflammatory bowl diseases and wound healing. It has been found to be stable in human gastric juice and has had no toxicity reported. The peptide is a safe and effective treatment option, especially if recommended by your healthcare provider with a proper diet and exercise plan. 

If BPC 157 is injected by a doctor, then pain and redness at the injection site is a possibility, similar to any other injection. 

However, no clinical evidence supports the use of BPC 157 for any of the conditions listed above. Clinical studies performed on animals show promise, but no published, peer-reviewed studies have been completed in humans.